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Academic Computer Services

Login Instructions

canvas login

Instructions for first time login

If you have never logged on to an ACS computer or Canvas, please start up the computer and press CTRL-ALT-Delete to login when prompted.

  1. Student login names are their Student Identification Number (SID).


    First Name Last Name SID Username
    John Doe 955012345 955012345
    Jane Doe 955987654 955987654

    Password: type the first two letters of your first name ( make sure the first letter is capitalized ) and the last six numbers of your student ID number - e.g. Su456789 or Li126789. If your official student records list your first name as a single character abbreviation, your password will have a single alpha character, in uppercase, followed by the asterisk character (*) and the last six digits of your student number - e.g. J*127684. If the second character in your first name is anything other than an English language alphabetical character, we replace that character with an asterisks (*), for your password, then add the last six digits of your SID.

  2. Click OK.

Changing Password:

You are required to change the password the first time you log onto the ACS system. Your password will expire 120 days after your last password change, requiring you the change it at that time. Passwords may not be repeated.

  1. If your first logon is to Canvas, you must use the password change web page before you can use the logon page to access Canvas. Complete instructions are located on the main Canvas logon page.
  2. If your first logon is at a computer located on campus, logon using your username, and default password, described above. After successfully logging in, you will see a message that reminds you that you are required to change your password. When you click the OK button, you will see a password change dialog box where you can enter your personal strong password.
  3. To change your password after you have been using your account, logon to a computer as usual. After the desktop is displayed on your monitor, press CTRL-ALT-DEL and the following dialog box will appear on your monitor.

Logout Procedure:

  1. You must logout when you finish using the computer.
  2. Click on Start, Log off (username), and OK.
  3. To conserve power, turn off the computer and monitor.

Policy Acceptance Screen:

The following instructions need to be followed exactly or your account will be locked. To get this corrected, a Lab Assistant will have to go to the office with your username and have the account unlocked. If the lab administrators are busy, this might take awhile.

  1. The next screen you will see is our Policy Acceptance screen with a pink background. It may not appear until after the desktop has appeared; please be patient. By reading and accepting this screen you agree to abide by the ACS lab policies.
  2. Read the text on the screen and then click on next. Read the following screen and click agree.
  3. If you hit the escape key or the enter key, you are not accepting the policy.