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Academic Computer Services


Edmonds College Students

All Edmonds College students will have an account created for them within 1 business day of registration. The account provides access to Edmonds College student computers, the student wireless network, and eLearning classes (Canvas). Logon access to Edmonds College student computers and the student wireless network is granted only during the quarter for which a student is registered. Access to eLearning (Canvas) is available during the quarter, quarter breaks, and one year after your last class at Edmonds College.

CWU Students

CWU students receive and account on the Edmonds College student network The account is active for the quarter in which they are currently enrolled. These accounts and all associated files are deleted at the end of each quarter.


Your computer logon username is your Student Identification number ( SID ). For instance, if your name is John Hamilton and your SID is 955-66-1234, your logon username is 955661234.


Our account creation process creates a default password for each user account. Your default password is the first two letters of your first name, (the first letter must be capitalized), followed by the last six digits of your SID. Using the example given under 'username' above the default password would be Jo661234. The name used for your first name is from your official Registrar's record. If your official first name is Elizabeth, even though you are known as Beth, the default password is created with 'El', in this example, not 'Be'.

Each account will have a unique password and all computer account passwords must remain confidential. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you log into your account. Information about strong passwords is available by clicking the link here to Strong Passwords. Lab Assistants will provide instruction sheets for individuals not enrolled in computer classes. Remembering passwords is critical. After five (5) incorrect password attempts, the account will be locked for a period of 30 minutes. At the end of that time the student may try to access the account again. If the student cannot remember their password, it will need to be reset. Please contact a Lab Assistant for help.

Passwords expire every 120 days.

See full login instructions.


EdMail: E-mail for all students! Start college right, sign into your new Edmonds College e-mail account powered by Google. Click here to be linked to EdMail.

Saving and Accessing Files

Documents should only be stored in student sub-directories or on portable media such as a flash drive. The local hard drives are cleaned out randomly. All files not installed by required software or the operating system are deleted. While student data stored on the ACS network is backed up, it is recommended that students keep a copy of any critical information on portable media. In the event of a catastrophe that results in the damage of servers and backups on campus the most recent student data that will be available will be from the end of the previous quarter.

Your instructor may store special class files on the network. Write down the file location information provided by your instructor. Lab Assistants will not have this information. If you need help retrieving the files, please contact a Lab Assistant.

Lab Use

  • Open Lab Time: Computers are not reserved for individuals and are available on a first come first serve basis. If a computer is left unattended for more than ten minutes the student will be logged out so that other students may use the computer. Unattended belongings will be placed in the office.
  • Reserved Class Time: Reserved time for classes is indicated on the schedules posted of outside of each lab. Reserved time is closed to general use. Please exit the computer and leave the room 10 minutes before the next class is scheduled to begin.

Computer Lab Policies

Edmonds College provides computers in several locations on campus for student use to supplement classroom learning.  In an effort maintain the stability of the computers and the labs, we ask that you read and abide by our computer use policies.  Please click the following link or use the one under Quick Links to the left to review the policies: Computer Lab Policies.