Submit an Advising Service Request

Request a Credit Check

This request allows you to find out how close you are to finishing a degree or certificate program. Once processed, we will return a comprehensive credit check, outlining what you have taken and what is still needed. Use this tool to:

  • see what courses are needed to graduate
  • understand how recent transfer credit applied to your degree progress
  • determine how many classes would be needed if you switch your program
  • plan your remaining coursework

Credit Check Request Form

Request a Starting Plan

This request should be submitted only AFTER completing New Student Advising & Orientation steps 1-3. This ensures that the schedule we are creating for you aligns with your personal pathway (career goal and degree/certificate program type), and that any necessary English or math placements can be taken into account in your plan.  Once processed, we will send you a starting plan for recommended first courses.

Starting Plan Request Form