New Student Advising and Orientation


All new degree and certificate seeking students* are required to complete New Student Advising and Orientation.  This process involves in-person and virtual options throughout each step, and is designed to be flexible to your needs and preferred advising style. Please begin by following the steps outlined below - we can't wait to meet you. Welcome to the Triton community!

* The following student groups are still welcome to utilize the resources on this page, but should reach out to their specific program for advising and registration:

WATR Center, Corrections,  ELA, International HS, HS 21+, HS Completion, GED, EDCAP, i-Best, OIP (International), CIHS/ WBW, FLED, Early Achievers Grant, BAS programs, Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) and WorkFirst.


* Visiting students seeking credits short-term (often for a quarter, to be used at another school) or those seeking credits to enhance job skills do not need to complete the New Student process.


1. Choosing Your Pathway

It is important to consider your long-term goals so that you can begin to develop your personalized pathway right away. This will include exploring areas of study, determining potential careers, and selecting a degree or certificate program type. The video below will outline the details that go into creating a pathway, and help you get started in choosing yours.



2. Understanding Placement (And Using Your Transcripts)


Many degree and certificate programs will require placement into English and math levels before you can sign up for your classes. It is important to know which placements you will need before starting a degree or certificate program. The video below will explain some of the different ways you can complete the placement process, assessment options, what our math and English levels look like, and how you might be able to use previous high school or college transcripts in this process.



3. Completing the Placement Process / Advising Check-in

Have a pathway in mind, and want to make sure it is correct for your goals? Unsure what kind of placement you need for your program type? Please come visit us for a new student advising session in the Advising Resource Center to answer any questions you may have so far. Once you have a clear understanding of your pathway and placements needed, your next step is to complete or submit your placement - using the processes described in our video or from this  list on the Testing and Assessment Services page.


4. Requesting Your Starting Plan & Signing Up for Classes

Once you have determined your pathway and your required placements have been processed, you are ready to request a starting plan using the linked form. We will email you a personalized list of recommended courses within 24-48 business hours (or contact you if more information is needed).

Request a Starting Plan

You can then use this list of courses to begin signing up for classes. The video below outlines logging into ctcLink, searching for courses, understanding course listings, enrolling, and paying for classes.




5. Completing Online Orientation

This interactive session will let you explore Edmonds College, learn about useful resources, and let us warmly and virtually welcome you to the Triton community!


6. Knowing Your Resources

Welcome to Edmonds College! You have now completed the New Student Advising and Orientation Process. As you prepare for classes to start, take some time to get familiar with advising tools and resources than may be useful to you. (Some of these are referenced in our earlier videos). Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time if we can provide additional advice or assistance. We wish you a wonderful first quarter!