Student Job Opportunities

Welcome to the Advising Resource Center Student Job Opportunities page!

The Advising Resource Center routinely hires students for Work-Study positions. We typically hire Advising Navigators to assist with our front desk duties. Work-Study means that you have a Financial Aid award that includes a work-study allotment. If you are not sure whether you are eligible for Work Study, please check with the Financial Aid office. Advising navigators gain experience in customer service, leadership, and administrative duties in a fast-paced environment. 

Currently Not Hiring

There are no openings at this time. We invite you to periodically check this page for updates on future oportunities. Thank you!

To learn more about the Work-Study position, rates, and to apply please click on the application below!

Advising Work-Study Navigator Application

For questions about the position please email Yasi at 

Hiring Process

Once you have applied via our application, our staff will review your application. We will contact applicants who have a Work-Study award and related work experience.

Preparing for your interview

Students bring a wealth of knowledge and perspective to our office! In order to best highlight your experiences, prepare some notes ahead of time. Write down your strengths, talents, and unique experiences. Think about both life and work experiences where you have grown as an individual and how you have helped others. If you have other work experience, think of specific scenarios where you helped customers or colleagues and what you did well during those moments as well as how you handle challenging situations.