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Virtual SPRING Transfer Fair

Date/Time Coming Soon

The Transfer Fair is an event at Edmonds where Admissions representatives from four-year colleges and universities will be available to share information about their institution. Each representative will have his or her own Zoom meeting where they can connect with students.

The fair is a great opportunity for you to explore transfer options, learn about the process of applying to colleges and universities, and find out what you need to do or have in order to transfer successfully to the school that is right for you.

The Admissions representatives can provide you with more information regarding admissions requirements, programs/majors and financial aid/scholarships. Not sure what to talk about? Feel free to use our suggested questions below!

Participating Colleges and Universities

List to be added soon!

Questions for Four-Year College RepresentativesExpand ContentCollapse Content

Here are some questions to ask university Admissions Representatives.

If you are a Running Start student or an International Student, be sure to share this information with the Admissions Representative so they can advise you appropriately.


  • How can I be a competitive applicant?
  • What are the admission requirements to your school? Do I need to have foreign language for admission or graduation?
  • What is the deadline for applying to your college? Is there also a separate application & deadline for applying to my major?
  • Is an interview or portfolio required for admission?
  • What is the minimum GPA for admission to your school?
  • Do you require standardized test scores?
  • Do you require letters of recommendation and/or a personal statement for admission?
  • Once I submit my application, when can I expect to hear back from your school?

Transferring Credits

  • I attended other colleges. Do you need transcripts from every school I attended?
  • I completed courses at another college a long time ago. Do I still have to declare my credits?
  • If I don’t complete my degree at Edmonds, how will my credits transfer?
  • If I complete a Direct Transfer Agreement degree at Edmonds, how will my credits transfer?
  • Will I transfer directly into my major, or can I be “pre-majored?”

Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • What is the annual tuition? How much do books cost per quarter?
  • What types of financial aid and scholarships are available?
  • When should I apply for financial aid and scholarships?


  • What housing options are available? Do you have residence halls? If so, what is the cost per year?
  • Do I have to live on campus?

Classroom and Campus

  • What is a typical class size?
  • What types of opportunities are available for me to get involved with? What clubs and organizations exist on your campus?
  • Can I participate in internships?
  • What types of sports can I participate in?
  • What is the diversity like on your campus?
  • What is your campus safety record like?
  • Make sure your Zoom account is set up and ready before the fair.
  • If you enter a meeting with other students, be patient and courteous to those already in the meeting.
  • Always mute your microphone unless you are speaking or asking a question to minimize background noise.
  • Utilize the chat function to ask questions too!
  • Do not share information that is personal or confidential. The Zoom meetings are open to other students and Edmonds cannot guarantee privacy.