Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

2012-13 Campus Green Fund Awards

Congratulations to the following 8 proposals that were funded through the Campus Green Fund! ($49,889.94 allocated)

Community Garden ($14,000)

  1. Continue developing Community Garden, connecting students, staff, and faculty to growing, harvesting, and preparing food. Volunteers can sign up for the food sharing program and receive harvested food in return for volunteer hours. People: Faculty Lead – Zsofia Pasztor (HORT), 2 Student Urban Farmers, Green Team, Volunteers. Items: 12x16 Greenhouse, season extenders, arbors, trellises, vertical plant supports, publicity (including documentary filming).
  2. Design and install an outdoor cultural kitchen in the community garden. Kitchen is to be a cob oven made from clay, water, straw and a space for an underground pit oven using local rocks, earth, and native plants. The ovens would be complemented with a seating and dining area built from local and repurposed materials. People: Faculty Lead – Tom Murphy (ANTH), Anthropology Field/Lab Technician, Cultural Consultants, Green Team, Student Farmers, Native American Student Association, Latin American Student Association. Items: Construction materials for kitchen, cooking supplies, publicity.

Celebration of Food Festival ($10,000)

Support for the second annual Celebration of Food Festival with the intent to expand the festival to include a strong educational component. People: 2 student interns, presenters & keynote speakers.

Culinary Arts Herb Garden Extension ($596.20)

Expand culinary herb garden to keep culinary program supplied with fresh herbs for use in the College Café. People: Culinary Arts students and Faculty Lead - Charles Drabkin (no funding involved). Items: soil, frame for raised bed, watering can, herbs, publicity. (Student submittal)

Edmonds College Campus Lactation Room ($2,993)

Establish a lactation room on campus for nursing mothers to express milk (food) safely and discreetly. People: Student Programs, Pre-Nursing Club, Breastfeeding Counselor/Educator (no funding involved). Items: Furniture, partitions, small refrigerator, breastfeeding resources and supplies, publicity. (Student submittal)

Materials Management Centers ($3,537.44)

Build two more materials management centers similar to the center now in Brier Hall to be placed in areas determined by stakeholders including Green Team and Facilities. People: Veteran's Club, Energy Management Student Association, Faculty Lead - Randy Sibley (CIT & ENRGY). Items: Construction materials and signage. (Student submittal)

Community Garden Rainwater/Energy Project ($4,428.30)

Install an 1800 gallon cistern to capture rain water from the main roof at RLH and the green roof. Then, using a pump run by the solar modules (provided by a grant from Snohomish County PUD), pump water up to a small 55 gallon holding tank on the roof of RLH. Then, run a 1” PVC line from the RLH building to a location in the community garden for irrigation yet to be determined. People: Faculty Lead – Randy Sibley (CIT & ENRGY), support staff, student volunteers. Items: Conduit and cabling from solar system batteries to pump, DC low voltage, inline pump with float controls, PVC piping and fittings, 55 gallon tank, metering device, publicity.

Triton Athletics Turns Green ($7,000)

Expand recycling program (only 2 bins now at the gym entrance) and provide mats at field entrances to keep the rubber from the new field on the field and not in our parking lots (going into the storm drains). People: Athletic Department (no funding involved). Items: 3 double sideload recycling containers (durable for outside) and 3 super berber mats.

Green Team Professional Development ($7,335)

Provide funding to cover the costs of attending the 5 2012-2013 Green Team members + 3 advisers (Americorps Lead, Supervisor, and Sustainability Researcher) to the AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) National Conference, Investing in the Future, to be held in L.A.