Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

2013-14 Campus Green Fund Awards

Congratulations to the following 5 proposals that were funded through the Campus Green Fund! ($39,909.34 allocated)

Student Urban Farm ($14,629.50)

Continue developing the Student Urban Farm, connecting students, staff, and faculty to growing, harvesting, and preparing food. Volunteers can sign up for the food sharing program and receive harvested food in return for volunteer hours. Increase number of people participating (350 volunteers + 100 more visitors this past year) and increase the harvest yield to 1000lbs. (500+ lbs. this year). People: Faculty Lead – Zsofia Pasztor (HORT), 5 Student Urban Farmers, Green Team, Volunteers. Items: Arbors, trellises, vertical plant supports, seed, spores, and plant starts.

Cultural Kitchen ($4,459)

Construct a learning space within the Community Garden, named the “Cultural Kitchen”) that would serve to demonstrate indigenous foodways, including the preparation and cooking of Pacific Northwest Native foods as well as foods eaten throughout the world. Cob oven under construction 2013. This request is to build a roof to go over the seating area. The design of the roof system will be ‘semi-permanent’ where in late spring it will be taken down and in late summer erected to protect from strong rains and storms. It will not have walls which may put the oven and benches at a minimal risk. They will attempt to build the structure as close as possible to traditional cedar planking. Also, organize a quarterly "Sustaining Culture through Food" lecture series. People: Staff Lead – Erin Ryan-Penuela (ANTH), Lead Student Cultural Kitchen Coordinator, Cultural Consultant on Native American Cedar Planking Structure, Honorarium to speakers/lecturers, Green Team, Student Farmers, Native American Student Association, Latin American Student Association. Items: Roofing materials, Cooking supplies.

Green Chemistry ($5,366)

Incorporate Green Chemistry Principles into 200-level curriculum (CHEM 241, 242, 243 - lecture & 251, 252, 253 - 2 lab experiments at each level). Definition: Green Chemistry is the design, development, and implementation of chemical products and processes to reduce or eliminate the use and generation of substances hazardous to human health and the environment (EPA). People: Faculty Lead – Jeff Owens (no funding involved), Chemistry Lab Managers (no funding involved), 10 Student Researchers will research, develop, and document improvements for at least 3 additional org. chemistry lab experiments to be implemented the following year. Items: Supplies for lab experiments and documentation, and printing for student posters for research results.

Edmonds College TV Studio Lighting Replacement ($5,454.84)

Replace film and TV Lighting Equipment with LED bulbs and technology resulting in significant energy savings (15,000 watts > 5,000 watts), savings in bulb replacement, and savings in room cooling. People: Staff Lead - Dan Dootson (no funding involved, Viscom), Viscom and energy mgmt. students. Items: Film and Television LED Lighting Equipment

Celebration of Food Festival ($10,000)

Support for the 3rd annual Celebration of Food Festival with the intent to continue strong educational component of the festival. People: 2 student interns (event planning), presenters and keynote speakers, and expenses related to educational demonstrations.