2014-15 Campus Green Fund Awards

Congratulations to the following 12 proposals that were funded through the Campus Green Fund! ($48,333.00 allocated)

Edmonds College TV Studio Lighting Replacement ($7,000)

Replace film and TV Lighting Equipment with LED bulbs and technology resulting in significant energy savings (15,000 watts > 5,000 watts), savings in bulb replacement, and savings in room cooling. People: Staff Lead - Dan Dootson (no funding involved, Viscom), Viscom and energy mgmt. students. Items: Film and Television LED Lighting Equipment

Water Bottle Awareness Campaign ($1,000)

MGMT 270 Project Management class completed two feasibility studies to determine the feasibility of discontinuing the sale of single-use water bottles on campus. They developed a plan for increasing student awareness of the environmental and social justice issues related to water bottles. The MFMT 271 Project Management class implemented this plan and executed two programs and created marketing materials to better inform students of these issues. Funding went to having these water bottles produced and given away as part of the awareness and education campaign.

Campus Community Farm ($12,500)

Continue developing the Campus Community Farm, connecting students, staff, and faculty to growing, harvesting, and preparing food. Volunteers can sign up for the food sharing program and receive harvested food in return for volunteer hours. People: Faculty Lead – Zsofia Pasztor (HORT), 5 Student Urban Farmers, Green Team, Volunteers. Items: Arbors, trellises, vertical plant supports, seed, spores, and plant starts.

Celebration of Food Festival ($8,000)

Support for the 4th annual Celebration of Food Festival with the intent to continue strong educational component of the festival. People: 2 student interns (event planning), presenters & keynote speakers, and expenses related to educational demonstrations.

Electric Bike Project ($4,915)

This project funds the creation of a state of the art electric bike to be used for undergraduate research, create content to infuse sustainability into engineering classes, be ridden to outreach events to area K-12 schools, and be a model for future electric bikes to be built on campus.

Shredding Events ($500)

Funding went to bring a shred truck to the Green Team's E-waste event to provide a free document shredding for the campus and community as part of the Green Team's RecycleMania tournament.

Earth Month Speaker ($1,000)

Funding went to bring a dynamic Earth Month speaker to Edmonds College as part of the Brown Bag lecture series that will speak on a topic valid to Edmonds College's sustainability initiative.

Center for Families Greening Project ($800)

Funding this project went to planting five new trees in the Childcare Center's east playground, and building 4 raised box gardens, appropriately constructed and sized for toddlers and pre-schoolers, in the southeast play area. 

Rainier Place Wooded Area Project ($850)

Transformation of the wooded area outside Rainier Place into a safe, functional, and attractive space that both residents and students can utilize. Project includes clearing away dead leaves and branches and planting local flora.

Green Chemistry ($7,368)

Phase two of the Green Chemistry project funded the continued development and implementation of green chemistry labs with the following goals:

  • Inventory analysis and reduction of chemicals no longer in use
  • Provide funding for chemistry lab manager to participate in a week-long nationally recognized, green chemistry summer workshop
  • Provide funding to continue testing, improving, and expanding upon the 7 green chemistry lab experiments
  • Provide funding to support one student to assist with research, refinement, and implementation of the goals stated above. 

Seaview Water Bottle Filling Station ($400)

Funds were used to purchase a water bottle filling station in the Seaview Gymnasium in order to reduce the amount of disposable plastic water bottles sent to landfills and use less energy to refrigerate water in the cooler.

Cultural Kitchen ($4,000)

Funds went to support the third phase of the Cultural Kitchen development. The funds were used for a student coordinator to maintain service projects that will maintain and continue to improve the area. Hours will focus on the "Sustaining Culture through Food" lecture and demonstration series and coordination of seasonal produce that the Community Campus Farm is harvesting. Items: signage, Teak oil, cob maintenance, food materials, cooking supplies.