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This Project Funding Application Process uses a common application form and submission process for requesting funds from various sources at the college. Beginning with the 2019-2020 fiscal year request cycle, one project proposal can now be used for multiple funding requests. This new process is intended to make it easier for the college community to find and apply for project funding, improve communication, eliminate redundancy, and reduce paper forms.

Application Steps:

  1. Create a project proposal to describe the project and amount of funding requested. Share the document with all collaborators and allow "anyone at Edmonds College with the link to comment."
  2. Consult with areas of the college that will be impacted as soon as possible. It may take some time for areas such as IT, Purchasing, or Facilities to research and provide quotes or other information.
  3. Get executive sponsorship for the project (i.e., endorsement by a Vice President). See FAQs for instructions. No physical signatures are needed.
  4. Apply for funding to one or more relevant funding sources by using the Google Form on this site to submit project proposals.
  5. Current awardees can also find the final report and logo/acknowledgement information below.


The Campus Green Fund needs to be acknowledged in all promotions that you do, including when you speak at events as well as marketing materials you publish. Please download the attached Campus Green Fund logo, which must be used on marketing materials. 

Acknowledgement Script

This is a suggested script when acknowledging the Campus Green Fund at events.

Current Grantees Final Report Form

Current grantees for the 2018-19 Campus Green Fund must submit this report on or before June 21, 2019