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Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

The Executive Board

This is the official voice of the student body. The board legislates, promotes, and regulates student activities and affairs. It represents Edmonds College students to faculty, staff, administrators, and legislators. The board can only act on issues raised by students, so please voice your concerns and share your accolades.

Executive Board Meeting Schedule

Meet the 2020-21 Executive Officers

Shayne Strey - Administration

ShayneThe Executive Officer for Administration serves as the primary student administrator for Student Government and implements actions on decisions.

"Hello, my name is Shayne, I am in my second year of working towards my business transfer degree, and one day hope to do global charity and non-profit work. As Executive Officer for Administration, I am here to advocate for any and all needs students have, as well as to be a point of contact between the College and the community. Please feel free to come to me with any questions and concerns that you may have and I will do my very best to help you, or direct you to someone who can. My main goal as an officer is not to push my own agendas, but to be a resource to amplify the voices of the students."

Jeanice Janlie - Academics

The Executive Officer for Academics advocates for students in classroom issues and coordinates with staff, such as Executive Vice President for Instructions.

"Hey, everyone! My name is Jeanice and I am currently in my second year at Edmonds College pursuing my Associates degree in Computer Science. As the Executive Officer for Academics, my responsibility is to represent your needs and concerns. I am passionate about helping students and making sure they have everything they need in order to level the playing field. So please feel free to contact me and voice out what you need and want from Edmonds College in order to succeed and make the best of your time here. We are always here to help you!"

Leticia Tirtokuncoro - Budget and Finance


The Executive Officer for Budget and Finance acts as the financial manager and advisor for the Association.

"I am currently in my second year here at Edmonds College and am planning on obtaining a transfer degree in Business. I joined the student government to gain more experience and to become more active on campus. I am grateful to have been chosen as the Executive Officer for Budget and Finance, and my goal is for the students to have a nice college life, and to be more engaged on campus." 



William To - Clubs

The Executive Officer for Clubs promotes and assists clubs by determining funding, chartering, and attending club events.

"Edmonds College is a giant melting pot of cultures and values. Making friends from all sorts of countries and backgrounds has really broadened my horizons. During my first year, I spent my time joining new clubs to explore my hobbies and meet new people. Now, as a second year, I want to give back to Edmonds College by serving as Executive Officer for Clubs. Even though we started this academic year in these trying times, I will give my all to ensure that students are having a colorful college life!" 

Long Le - Community Relations

LongThe Executive Officer for Community Relations serves to represent students to various community-based committees. 

“Hello, Tritons!

My name is Long, and I am a second-year Edmonds College student who is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. My main goal as an Executive Officer for Community Relations is to help students feel more connected with the community and provide them practical learning experiences such as educational and cultural development opportunities. I want to make every student feel that Edmonds College is a second home that every member has a strong connection with each other. So if you need any help, do not hesitate to reach out to me and my team members. ”


Jiyeon Song - Diversity


The Executive Officer for Diversity works to support campus wide diversity efforts to create an inclusive, safe environment for all students.

"Hi, Tritons!

I am a second-year student pursuing an Associates Degree in Computer Science. As a member of the Executive Board, I have a huge interest in creating an equitable community. The meaning of diversity and inclusion for me is like the rainbow that has all different colors and characteristics. Although each of the colors are different, they make wonderful scenery when put together. I am here to support our students' and school's diversity. If you want to know more about me and my team, feel free to reach out to us. We are here for you!"

Gary Yan Xuan - Student Relations

The Executive Officer for Student Relations takes notes of student concerns and issues, and is also responsible for supporting understanding student rights.

"I am a second-year student at Edmonds College, and I am working towards a degree in Business. It is my pleasure to serve the student body and the board as Executive Officer for Student Relations. I understand that we are all facing challenges during this special period and I am ready to to listen and help your concerns, so please do not be hesitant to reach out! Feel free to email me or attend our regular Friday meetings to tell us what you need."

Thinh Vo - Technology


The Executive Officer for Technology is an advocate for technology use campus wide and responsible for managing digital operations, such as our website and social media.

"I am a first-year Edmonds College student working towards a degree in Computer Science. Although I have a lot to learn in order to work as efficiently and sufficiently as our last officer of this department, being given this opportunity is a gift to me with an influential voice to promote students' engagement in our school's technology."

Assistants to the Executive Board

Adel Sabiyeva - Assistant to the Executive Board

CommcatThe Assistant to the Executive Board helps organize many parts of Student Government, such as meetings, notes, and minutes.

 "Hey, Tritons! Currently, I am a second-year Edmonds College student who is working towards a Business Management degree. I enjoy helping people because, for me, that is my way to find my passion. Especially during these difficult and unprecedented times, supporting each other is the only way to work through all challenges. As Assistant to the Executive Board, it is my pleasure to help every fellow student to get a remarkable college experience with no drama! So please feel free to reach me if you have any concerns or having any difficulties or questions. Let's make the college years the most incredible time of our lives together!"

Tran Le (Trina) - Communications Assistant


The Communications Assistant is responsible for marketing Executive Board events and activities, as well as helping create multimedia content for the Board.

“Hi everyone!

I'm Trina. Currently, I am a second-year student pursuing an Associate degree in Pre-Nursing at EC. It is my honor to serve the student body - Executive Board as a Communication Assistant. Thus, I will do my best to help every single student to have the best college experiences and memories at Edmonds College! I am here for you, for your voices, Tritons! Believe it!”