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2022-23 Services and Activities Fee Budget Process

The Services and Activities (S & A) Fee Budget Committee will develop the 2022-23 budget based on the written proposals and information presented at the account director hearings. Each year budget requests far exceed the total amount of funding available so the committee will look at how the current fiscal year budget has been spent based on the outcomes developed and funded in the previous budget process.


Winter 2022

Date Event

January 31

Applications are available to campus community

February 14

Deadline for New Recognized Subsidized Program Request

February 25

Deadline for Application for Continuing Program Funding

February 25 - 

March 11

S&A Fee Committee Budget Hearings

Spring 2022

Date Event

April 4-12

S&A Fee Committee Budget Deliberations

April 15

Preliminary Budget sent to Account Directors

April 18-20

Preliminary Balance Hearings

April 21-26

Administrative Review

May 12

First Consideration by Board of Trustees

June 9

Final Consideration by Board of Trustees

S&A Fee Budget Application Document Links

S&A Fee Budget Process Timeline

2022-23 Application for Continuing Program Funding

2022-23 New Recognized Subsidized Program Request

S&A Fee Budget Request Fiscal Year 2022-23

2022-23 S&A Fee Payroll Spreadsheet

Helpful Guiding Budget Documents

Associated Students Financial Code

Killian Guidelines

Student S&A Representative Application

S&A Fee Budget Committee Student Representative Application

For more information, please contact one of the following:


Shinhae Hwang, ASEC Executive Officer for Budget and Finance,