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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the online application process? Can I turn in a printed or written application form, resume, and/or cover letter?Expand ContentCollapse Content

Yes, but we prefer you use the online application. If you need special accommodations, please contact the hiring manager for that position (see Supervisor Contacts page).

You can access our online application from any internet-connected computer. Some locations we suggest are:

  • Edmonds College Library (3rd Floor of Lynnwood Hall)
  • The Center for Student Cultural Diversity & Inclusion
  • Lynnwood Library

You should have an Edmail account if you are a student. You could also obtain an email address by signing up for free through various providers like Google Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook

You can use one of the links emailed to you or you can find in on our Job Opportunities page.

Visit the CSEL Job Opportunities page for currently open jobs. If you are interested in a job that isn’t open yet, please contact the appropriate supervisor on the contact page.
Yes, you may apply for any open job for which you’re qualified.
Once you submit an application for a job, you may change the info you submitted for that particular job up until the deadline. However, if you apply to future jobs you can add or change more info at that time.
You may address your letter with "Dear Hiring Manager". The CSEL supervisors will conduct interviews and will review your letter.
Yes. You must submit an online application, including résumé and cover letter. Note: If you are currently an employee of Edmonds College, you must NOT use your work email address to apply for these positions. Use your Edmail or personal email account.
To withdraw from consideration, Please contact Eduardo M | 425.640.1087

We’ll email you a notice at every step of the recruitment process. If we select you for an interview, you will either get an email, Google Calendar invite, or phone call notifying you of your interview appointment.

We recommend you dress professionally (business casual is fine). Also, bring any questions you may have for the hiring manager/committee.

The only benefits student staff receive at this time [February 2020] is sick leave which you can use once you accumulate enough.
If you have other questions, please email Eduardo M Torres. | 425.640.1087