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Executive Board assistant Application

Thank you for considering becoming an Assistant to the Executive Board. Being an Executive Board member is more than just a job but is an experience where you will make an important impact on behalf of students at Edmonds College. When you complete your term at the end of the spring quarter you will have learned new leadership skills, had valuable learning experiences, meeting new people, and have a leadership experience you can put on your resume! Are you ready to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy at Edmonds College?

In this application packet, you will find the necessary information and forms you will need to complete your application. Please read the information carefully.

➢ The application deadline is Monday, May 30, 2021. 
➢ Check your email and/or phone for interview times if selected.

Required Documents:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume 
  • Transcript 
  • Current Class Schedule
  • Recommendation Letter (Optional)

Contact Information:

Yan Xuan, Executive Officer for Student Relations,

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