Center for Student Engagement & Leadership

Current Job Openings

Greetings, Tritons! We are hiring student leaders for the 2022-2023 academic year in the following positions:

  • ASEC: Assistant to the Executive Board
  • ASEC: Communications Assistant
  • ASEC: Executive Officer for Academics
  • ASEC: Executive Officer for Administration
  • ASEC: Executive Officer for Budget & Finance
  • ASEC: Executive Officer for Clubs
  • ASEC: Executive Officer for Community Relations
  • ASEC: Executive Officer for Diversity
  • ASEC: Executive Officer for Student Relations
  • ASEC: Executive Officer for Technology
  • FP: Food Pantry Assistants
  • Green Team: Outreach Coordinator
  • Green Team: Community Campus Farm Coordinator
  • G+M: Graphic Designer
  • G+M: Social Media Specialist
  • SAB: Campus Event Programmer
  • SAB: CSCDI Programmer
  • SAB: Student Organizations Coordinator
  • SAB: Volunteer Coordinator
  • SL: Service-Learning Programmer
  • TGR: Triton Game Room Assistants
  • WD:  Welcome Desk Assistants

If you are interested in learning more about the position, please check out the position description below. To apply, please click on the green button. 

If you have any questions about the hiring, onboarding, or training stage, please email Eduardo Torres ( 

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ASEC: Executive Assistant

The Assistant to the Executive Board maintains all official records of the student association. Primary duties include producing board meeting agendas, taking Executive Board meeting minutes and producing all ASEC official documents and correspondence.

ASEC: Communications Assistant

The Executive Board’s Communication Assistant is responsible for marketing all student association initiatives and providing timely information regarding association meetings, committee work and the ongoing work of the ASEC Executive Board. The position updates all ASEC social media sites and the ASEC web page.

Student Government Positions Application

ASEC: Executive Officer for Administration

The Executive Officer for Administrative Liaison is the primary student administrator of the Association and is the student representative at the Board of Trustees meetings and other official functions of the College.

ASEC: Executive Officer for Academics

The Executive Officer Academics represents the needs of students at the instructional/classroom level. The position appoints student representatives to faculty tenure committees, serves on college instructional committees and meets with instructional leadership.

ASEC: Executive Officer for Budget & Finance

The Executive Officer for Budget and Finance is the financial manager of the Association and monitors Association budgets and programs. This position chairs the Service & Activity Fee budget allocation process.

ASEC: Executive Officer for Clubs (Student Organizations)

The Executive Officer for Clubs works as an advocate for clubs and promotes club involvement on campus. The position works with the student programmers for clubs in the process of chartering clubs.

ASEC: Executive Officer for Community Relations

The Executive Officer for Community Relations serves as the primary contact for the Association on legislative programs and activities. This position is the official representative of the Association to the State Legislature in Olympia.

ASEC: Executive Officer for Diversity

The Executive Officer for Diversity supports campus-wide diversity efforts, serves on the Diversity Council, participates and works as a student advocate on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, and works with College Relations to ensure positive representation of diversity in campus publications.

ASEC: Executive Officer for Student Relations

The Executive Officer for Student Relations is responsible for student advocacy and assisting students with specific concerns and questions about policies and procedures at Edmonds College. This position also serves as the primary advocate for the service learning, co-curricular and volunteer programs.

ASEC: Executive Officer for Technology

The Executive Officer Technology works as an advocate for technology needs and support for students. The position chairs the annual Technology Investment Management allocation process and serves on the College’s Technology Advisory committee.

Food Pantry Assistants Application

Food Pantry Assistant

The Edmonds College Food Pantry Assistant supports the EC Food Pantry by operating the food pantry during open hours. This includes opening and closing, assisting students, stocking, taking inventory among other duties. The position is work-study eligible.

Green Team Positions Application

Community Campus Farm Coordinator

The Edmonds Campus Community Farm is a platform for diverse members of the campus community to come together and learn about healthy, sustainable living practices and actively participate in urban farming. As the Green Team Campus Community Farm Coordinator, you are responsible for maintaining the farm's health, safety, and beauty and increasing its accessibility to all members of campus by coordinating service-learning volunteer opportunities and actively promoting the farm to the campus.

Outreach Coordinator

The Green Team Outreach Coordinator supports the Green Team by outreaching to the campus community both as an individual and as a team to raise awareness of the Green Team’s work and our current sustainable practices. As the Green Team Outreach Coordinator, you are the “face” of the Green Team. You will be responsible for conducting classroom presentations, hosting outreach booths, and educating the campus about the work of the Green Team through social media and website maintenance. In addition, you are on the front lines to serve as a resource to help the campus community understand our sustainability efforts.

SAB Positions Application

Campus Event Programmer

A Campus Event Programmer’s primary job function is to oversee the production of diverse educational, social, and cultural events to serve the needs of the students at Edmonds College and enhance the campus community.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator’s primary job functions are to coordinate the recruitment, management, training & retention of the CSEL Volunteer Team to contribute to ASEC funded and other campus-sponsored events. Additionally, the position supports event programmers in producing diverse educational, social, and cultural events to serve the needs of the students at Edmonds College and enhance the campus community.

CSCDI Programmer

The CSCDI Event Programmer primary role is to plan and organize events and programs that serve the needs of Edmonds College students. With a focus on equity, inclusion and cultural awareness, this programmer promotes diversity events and educational programs that help brings students to the CSCDI and enhances a student’s experience.

Student Organizations Coordinator

The Student Organizations Coordinators’ primary job functions are to provide leadership, support, and guidance to student organizations with the chartering process, scheduling their meetings/activities, and processing their expenditures.

Service-Learning Programmer Application

Service-Learnining Programmer

The Service-Learning Programmer supports the Center for Service-Learning by planning, developing, and implementing service projects both on and off campus with local community partners.

G+M Positions Application

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are responsible for the design and publication of printed and digital marketing materials for student events and services sponsored by ASEC services and activities funded programs. Must have experience with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Social Media Specialist

The Social Media Specialist is responsible for managing CSEL “Triton Life” social media accounts (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube), create and distribute a series of Triton Monthly & Triton Weekly newsletters, as well as produce a “Triton Stories” component to the portfolio of work.

Welcome Desk Assistants

The Welcome Desk Assistant is critical to the mission of serving students at the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (CSEL).  The primary focus of the position is assisting students, staff, and community while delivering accurate information with excellent customer service. 

Game Room Assistants Application

Triton Game Room Assistants

The Game Room Assistants are responsible for scan/check student I.D. and enrollment status as they enter the game room, providing customer service, tracking statistics related to attendance, popcorn consumption and equipment use, replenishing supplies, clean/maintain Game Room facility as needed.