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EdMail FAQ

EdMail Frequently Asked Questions

What is my EdMail address?Expand ContentCollapse Content

Your student email address (called EdMail) will consist of your:

  • First initial of your first name followed by a period (.)
  • Last name
  • Four random numbers
  • Followed by:

Example: Name - Jane Doe
EdMail address:

Go to the EdMail Account Manager to retrieve your EdMail address.
You will need your Student ID number (SID): 95X-XX-XXX and
Your Private Identification Number (PIN): Date of birth (MMDDYY)
Example: September 12, 2011 = 091211

Go to the the EdMail Account Manager to set your EdMail password.

You will need your Student Identification number (SID) and Private Identification Number (PIN)
You will need your Student ID number (SID): 95X-XX-XXX and
Your Private Identification Number (PIN): Date of birth (MMDDYY)
Example: September 12, 2011 = 091211

Yes. EdMail recognizes passwords based on upper and lower case settings.
Example: If your password was set to secret123 and you entered it as SECRET123, EdMail would not accept it. You would need to type the password as secret123 in order to log in.

EDCC is a Google campus and we utilize the Google Suite for our applications. For this reason, your EdMail account is accessed through Gmail.

Your SID is your 9-digit Student Identification number. If you do not know what your SID is, you will need to contact Enrollment Services at 425.640.1000.

Your PIN is your Private Identification Number. By default, it is your date of birth in 6-digits (MMDDYY).
Example: September 12, 2011 = 091211
For assistance with your PIN contact Enrollment Services at 425.640.1000.

Are you registered for classes greater than 0.0 credits? New students will receive an EdMail account if they are registered for any classes greater than 0.0 credits.

When did you register? If you have just registered, it takes 24-48 hours for your EdMail account to become active (during business days M-F).

If you are registered for courses greater than 0.0 credits and 24-48 hours have passed, you may proceed to the EdMail Account Manager to look up your account and set your password.

With your EdMail account, you may contact your colleagues, instructors and Edmonds College staff. You may also use it for free online services including Office 365 for students, Amazon Prime, reduced rate for music/video streaming services (Hulu, Spotify, Apple Music etc.), Autodesk, and more!

Yes. You may keep your personal Gmail account. EdMail is the official means of communication between Edmonds College and our students. All students are accountable for the information sent out via email. EdMail is where you will receive important college business such as communicating with your instructors, financial aid, enrollment services, student government and emergency communications. If you prefer, you may forward your EdMail messages to your personal account.

How to forward your Gmail messages to another account

Every student registered for classes at Edmonds College is provided an EdMail account.

No. The login process for EdMail is separate from your Canvas login as they are different accounts.

Canvas Login

EdMail Login

Fully supported browsers (Google recommends using these to get all of EdMail/Gmail's newest features):

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

For more information, go to Google Support.

You will be able to access your EdMail account even after you leave Edmonds College. Essentially, you should have this forever – EdMail for life!

You can import contacts you already have stored in another email program into your EdMail account. For instructions on how to manage your contacts, follow these instructions.

You may change the 4 numbers automatically assigned to your EdMail account. You cannot change the naming convention unless there is an inconsistency with your legal name and your EdMail address. To make your changes, please sign in to the EdMail Account Manager.

No. If your name has changed and you would like to update your EdMail address, you will need to contact Enrollment Services at 425.640.1000 first to change your name in the system.