An EdPass Card offers a variety of opportunities including:

  • Library Card: Check out materials from the college library and access to Library facilities.
  • Copy Card: Copy machines in the library only accept EdPass for payment.
  • Bus Pass: Ride Community Transit's buses, you now need an ORCA card. You can add ORCA bus pass benefits to your EdPass (college I.D.). It costs $10 (a one-time fee for the new EdPass/ORCA card) and $26 for the quarterly bus pass.
  • Prepaid Campus Cash Card: Deposit money in a FLEX Account for use on Edmonds College campus. Money can be deposited at the cashier’s office in Lynnwood Hall, first floor, or 5 ATM style machines around campus. The Card is valid at several locations on campus, including the Bookstore, Market Place cafeteria, copy machines in the library and Triton 1 and 2 espresso bars on campus.
  • Printing on Campus: Print at campus computer labs and receive 25 free pages at the start of each quarter, $0.05 per page after the 25 free pages. (Visit the Academic Services Printing page for information about printing with your EdPass.)
  • Access to Gymnasium Facilities: A Weight Room is available to current students of Edmonds College, your EdPass is required for access to the Seaview Gymnasium.
  • Access to secure Bicycle Sheds: Secure Bike Sheds are available to current students for $15 per quarter. Your EdPass will be encoded to unlock the Bike Shed.
  • Show the world you're a student. Many businesses and organizations offer discounts to students, so take your EdPass with you wherever you go.

More information about your EdPass: