Office of International Programs

international conversation programs

The International Conversation Programs at Edmonds College aim to encourage a more international campus by providing a safe space for students to engage in culture sharing and English practice. These programs are open to all students and are great opportunities to make new friends, learn about different cultures, and practice communication skills. Students can participate in a partner setting, group setting, or both! Starting Winter 2020, the International Conversation Programs are postponed until further notice.

International Conversation Partner

Students are matched into partnerships or groups made up of students from different cultures depending on their application responses and goals.  Each partnership/group commits to meeting one hour each week throughout the quarter and getting to know more about their partner and their home country. 

This is an opportunity to practice communication skills and get to know a new culture. Partnership with a specific nationality or language speaker cannot be guaranteed but we do our best to make compatible pairings.

*Please note that not every partner includes a native English speaking person.*

International Group Gathering

International Group Gatherings takes place every week. Each week, International Mentors prepare a series of games to facilitate conversation, games, and activities that build communication skills and allow students to meet new people on campus. No sign up is necessary! Snacks are provided! | 425.640.1399 | OIP – Programming