Office of International Programs

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Students: Update Employer Information

Edmonds College students currently engaged in post-graduation Optional Practical Training (OPT) employment authorization may use the OPT Student: Update Employer Information e-form to report changes to employer information and/or employment status to the Office of International Programs (OIP) office. OIP will use this information to update the SEVIS system. Students should submit changes within 10 days of a change, as required by US law. Follow the instructions below to update your employer information.

  1. Go to the OIP Link Limited Services PIN Lookup website and enter your student ID number
  1. Check your Triton Email to get your pin number.
  1. Log in to the OPT Student: Update Employer Information e-form and follow the instructions.

You will provide the required information including name and address of your employer, position title, employment start or end date, statement about how the position relates to your studies, as well as optional information such as employer EIN, supervisor name, supervisor email address and phone number.