MESA Alumni Spotlight

Highlighting MESA Alumni and the impactful work they are doing in the community.


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Tina Rajabi 

Major: Pure Mathematics

University: University of Washington Seattle

I have always loved math and believed that math is the heart of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). It is a way to view the world from a different perspective, filled with an underlying logic that is simply beautiful. After completing my high school education in Iran, my family and I immigrated to the US. My passion towards math helped me overcome the challenges immigration brought to me and led me to continue my education at Edmonds Community College (CC) where I graduated with an Associate of Science

degree with a focus in mathematics. Now, I am a junior at University of Washington majoring in Math. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I am eager to continue my path towards Masters in Math and PhD in Math Education.


Christina Negrete

Major: Spanish and a minor in Biology

University: Seattle Pacific University

My name is Christina Negrete and my passion for biology grew once I started noticing more women in science, learning all the amazing things the human body does, and how everything around us is growing with us. I ended up at EdCC because of a suggestion and it turned out to be a really good choice. I've encountered some amazing people once I joined MESA and they've all played a role in what it's taken for me to finally be where I am. I've had an amazing advisor/mentor, Rashanah Botley, along with Rachel Wade in the crazy times where it's all winding down to present time and applications and everything. Coming from a Latino background has played a role in how I've viewed things in my educational career up to this point. I want to give back to the people of color in underserved communities and contribute in a way that allows me to do what I'm passionate about. I will be transferring to Seattle Pacific University in the Fall to pursue a degree in Spanish and a minor in Biology.

Chrissy Negrete




Jessica Pal

Major: Biology

University: University of Washington Seattle

My name is Jessica Pal. My parents are originally from India, but I was born and raised in Italy. I have been living in the USA for 6 years now, where I am continuing my studies. I started studying at EdCC as a Running Start student, and I am graduating this quarter. Along with my sister, I will be the first generation in my family to attend and graduate college. I will be transferring to UW in fall, where I plan to major in Biology. I am a Pre-Med student, and look forward to attend medical school. I plan to become a space medicine researcher or a pediatrician.



Shabina Pal

Major: Biology

University: University of Washington Bothell

Hello! My name is Shabina Pal and I am originally from Punjab, India. However I was born and raised in Italy. I came to the US six years ago and I will be graduating Edmonds Community College this spring. As future plans, my career path choice is to major in Biology. Long term goals are to attend School of Dentistry and pursue a career in Orthodontics. I will be transferring to UW Bothell in the fall, where I will pursue a major in Biology.


Vi Pham

Major: Intended Mechanical Engineering

University: Intended University of Washington Seattle

My name is Vi Phan and I'm a first generation college student. I started going to Edmonds as a running start student, meaning I went to community college while in high school. I hope to transfer to UW Seattle in the fall and am currently working towards a career in mechanical engineering in order to support my family and hopefully use my skills as an engineer to benefit the lives of others.