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MESA Student
MESA Student
MESA Student

Computer Science at UW Seattle - MESA Alumni

"The MESA scholarship has allowed me to spend more time studying and more time participating in club events. Before the MESA scholarship I had to work as much as possible outside of class which kept me from improving my level of involvement here at EDCC. In turn, I have also been able to network with more students in similar fields of study which has helped me define my path more clearly."


Bioengineering at OSU - MESA Alumni

"If it wasn't from the financial support of the MESA scholarship and the advising from the MESA Director, I wouldn't have transferred to OSU by fall. The weekly updates, with scholarships, internships and events have helped me discover many useful resources."


Pure Mathematics at UW Seattle - MESA Alumni

"The MESA Scholarship has helped me with getting my Associate of Science degree and transferring to the University of Washington-Seattle. As a low income student, I would not be able to pay for the tuition and the books I needed to complete my education at Edmonds CC. The help that MESA scholarship provided made me feel supported and welcome as a first generation woman of color in the STEM education."


42+ MESA Scholarships have been awarded for tuition, books, supplies, and university application fees.


Over $625 in MESA Scholarships has been awarded for books, school supplies, and transcript mailing fees.


$1,423 in MESA Scholarships has been awarded for university application and confirmation fees.


Over $37,063 in MESA Scholarships has been awarded for tuition and fees.
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Donation Types

Donation IconMESA Scholarships 

Donate to give MESA Students the opportunity to pursue a STEM degree and make their dreams a reality. 

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In-kind Donations  

Provide resources for students in need. Donate non-perishable foods, textbooks, school supplies, calculators, laptops,  prototypes, robotic components, etc.

 Donation Process 


Donations for MESA Scholarships or MESA events can be made through the Edmonds College Foundation. Annual deductions can be made from paychecks and every amount makes a difference (even $10 a month). You can make online donations by clicking on the Donate Now button below.  You can also donate via check or cash and for more information about that process, please contact the MESA Director at

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How to Make a Donation Online

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Go to the Edmonds College Foundation and click the 'give online' donation button.

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Select the amount you would like to donate.

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In the designation section, select 'scholarships'.

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In the leave a comment (optional) box, write 'MESA Scholarship' and any other details you would like (i.e. award amounts).

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Fill in the remaining information and click 'donate'.

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If you have any questions, please contact the MESA Director at