Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement

every student belongs in STEM.


 The Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA) program focuses on initiatives to improve diversity and retention of historically underrepresented students in the STEM fields, including African American, Latinx/Hispanic, American Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and women students.

We provide opportunities for students to develop into competitive STEM transfer students and transfer successfully to a four-year institution to earn their bachelor's degree in STEM.  Our goal is to increase diversity in the STEM workforce by addressing the challenges underrepresented students face in their educational and career development.  

Our Core Values

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We believe that race and gender should not be predictors of STEM educational outcomes.

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MESA students will have access to opportunities that will academically and
professionally develop them into
competitive STEM transfer students.

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Together, we will build and be part of a
community that empowers each other.


Tina - MESA Alumni 18'

"As a first generation, low-income, woman of color in STEM who recently immigrated to the U.S., I needed help navigating the U.S. college system. MESA gave me all the tools I needed to explore opportunities and become successful. MESA assisted me with getting my Associate of Science degree and transferring to the University of Washington-Seattle, where I now pursue my education in pure Mathematics. MESA thrives for student success and provides you any support you need to build your own future." UW Seattle | Pure Mathematics

Why MESA is at Edmonds College

MESA is at Edmonds College because of the disparities in student enrollment, transfer rates, and completion of STEM degrees among historically underrepresented students. MESA provides opportunities for students to develop into competitive STEM transfer students and transfer successfully to a four-year institution to earn their bachelor's degree in STEM.

Our History

The MESA Community College Program (MCCP) began with funding by the National Science Foundation (NSF STEP 1B grant #0856830); a five-year grant to launch programs across Washington State that offer on-site direct student services. The original MCCP sites were Columbia Basin College, Highline College, Seattle Central College, and the Yakima Valley College in 2009, followed by Olympic College and Edmonds College in 2011. In 2014, sustainability efforts were successful and the State Legislature allocated state funding for MCCP in the state operating budget, securing annual funding for the six MCCP campus programs.

In 2017, the State appropriated $1.5 million in funds to the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) to expand MCCP sites by an additional six colleges. This established a formal collaboration between SBCTC and Washington State MESA office (located at the University of Washington, Seattle campus), as partners in fiscal, management, and reporting duties.

After a competitive application process, the six added community colleges were Clark College, Spokane Falls Community College, Everett Community College, Tacoma Community College, Green River College, and Wenatchee Valley College. As a state program with 12 community college centers across Washington State, the goal is to serve 1,200 students on an annual basis.

The 12 MESA community college programs:

Additional MESA Programs

MESA is a national program serving thousands of students across 11 states.

Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that we are on the ancestral land of the Coast Salish people, specifically the Snohomish people. May we always honor the Indigenous people of the land we occupy and where ever we go - past, present, and future. You can learn more about the land you are on as you travel by going to the Native Land website