Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement

MESA Scholarships

Closing the equity gap and increasing access to education. 


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MESA students have the opportunity to apply to MESA Scholarships. There are six types of MESA Scholarships: 1) Tuition and Fees 2) Books and Supplies 3) Conference Fees 4) University Application Fees 5) University Conformation Fees and 6) Online Materials Access Vouchers. MESA Scholarships open quarterly and are due the quarter before the awarded quarter (i.e. Winter Quarter MESA Scholarship applications are due mid Fall Quarter).


Other Edmonds College Funding

  • Edmonds College Foundation
    • Annual Awards
    • Bachelor of Applied Science Scholarship
    • Complete the Dream
    • Hernandez-Foy Second Chance Endowed Scholarship

There are campus resources for emergency funds for veterans, housing, childcare, books, food, gas, rent, and bills. Please contact a staff or faculty member if you are in an emergency and need assistance.


Undocumented and Non-Resident Student Funding


For more resources, go to the Undocumented and Non-Resident Student Resources page.


Scholarship Assistance

MESA staff actively help MESA students find funding for Edmonds College and for their intended transfer institution.


MESA Resource Database

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