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Service Learning

Virtual Projects

We understand you may have a service requirement for your fall classes or wish to volunteer in the community.  On this page, we will list service opportunities that can be done virtually or that can be engaged with social distancing. We will be doing our best to provide on-line or virtual service opportunities and other community engagement opportunities throughout fall quarter. Please check this website frequently to stay updated or go to the Edmonds College events calendar and check the Service Learning checkbox for additional opportunities.  

Please review the service learning requirements and required forms on our Service Learning Home page before embarking on a service project. We understand many of our students have a service learning requirement as part of their classes. Please check with your instructor(s) as to whether or not, you are required to submit these forms for class credit. Your instructor may have additional  or similar requirements in place. If you are beginning a service project that is not a class requirement, you must fill out all forms. If you have any questions, please contact

Updated April 29 with new opportunities.

2021 Powwow Service Learning Opportunity Expand ContentCollapse Content

2021 Powwow Virtual Companion Project

2021 Powwow Poster

Date: April 29-June 6
Place: Virtual

In this time of COVID-19, Edmonds College is proud to host our 35th Annual Powwow, for the first time virtually May 1- 8. The powwow brings together students, families, and communities to celebrate American Indian singing, drumming, dancing, and arts and crafts.

Service-Learning has in the past been a meaningful way for students, faculty, and staff, to participate in the powwow. This year, we invite students to participate in this 2021  Powwow 101 Virtual Companion Project and other cultural activities throughout the year in support of local tribes and tribal members. If students are unable to attend the live powwow events, recordings will be made available.

We have created this project for our students to experience:

  • An inclusive learning opportunity and virtual presence in order to engage in the powwow experience  
  • An opportunity to learn more about our indigeneous communities  
  • The ability to seek a deeper understanding of what a powwow is and its cultural significance
  • An opportunity to reflect on their powwow experience and share what they learned

Visit our Powwow Virtual Service-Learning Project presentation to get started! Please contact Stewart at with any questions.

#SayHerName Violence Against Women


Date: April 19-June 6

Place: Virtual

“On May 20th, 2015, at Union Square in New York City, AAPF hosted #SayHerName: A Vigil in Memory of Black Women and Girls Killed by the Police. For the first time, family members of Black women killed by police came together from across the country for a powerful vigil designed to draw attention to their loved ones' stories”. - AAPF

It is our turn as students and staff of Edmonds College, to continue the efforts of remembrance for our women when we become the visual voice to #sayhername. For the remainder of the academic year, we invite you to learn the history of the movement; honoring the women we have lost and acknowledging their stories. We will not allow them to be forgotten. This Action of Service is created to be performed on your time, availability, and location of choice. Please use this link to begin and join us: #sayhername Violence Against Women 

Becoming Aware

An on-campus program in collaboration with the Center for Student Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

Date: April 19-June 6

Place: Virtual 

Becoming Aware Reflection Drawing

When we hear the words culture, diversity, or equity, what does that even mean?! How about intersectionality, ethnicity, and inclusion? Is it race or discrimination, prejudice, or stereotype? Many terms we say or hear are used interchangeably, and it can be confusing! This program is an opportunity to learn, expand, and enlarge how we communicate with each other.  This program also allows us, as individuals, to honor and acknowledge our own multiculturalism.

We encourage students to apply their previous and current instructional knowledge in this project. This is a virtual service-learning project totaling 6 hours. This slideshow method is available at your convenience. Project submissions and reflection assessment are due June 6th, 2021.  

To participate in this project, please click on the following link: Becoming Aware Presentation.

Food Pantry Cookbook Recipe Project

The Edmonds College Food Pantry is looking for volunteers to help create recipe cards to put together in a cookbook! The purpose of this project is to create simple, nutritional recipes for us to share with our visitors to provide them with healthy options while using the food they take home each week from our pantry.Cookbook recipe project

There are three different types of recipes you can create:

  • A meal using multiple food pantry items that we could display as a “Featured Meal of the Week”
  • A substitute/alternative for another item typically found in a recipe (e.g using applesauce as a substitute for oil or butter while baking)
  • A unique way to cook and incorporate the bulk items we buy (pasta, rice, black, pinto, garbanzo beans, lentils, etc.)

If you're interested in volunteering with the campus food pantry, please sign up here with our Cookbook Recipe Sign-up Form. For more information about this opportunity, check out our Cookbook Recipe Project Presentation! Please contact Hayley Johnson at with any questions.

Girls on the run flyerVolunteer Coach for Girls on the Run

Girls in our community need you! See your impact in the faces of our future by mentoring girls this Spring.

Each season Girls on the Run has a dynamic group of coaches that volunteer their time to guide and mentor girls so that they are prepared to become happy, healthy, self-confident adolescents and adults.

Coaches do not need to be runners; they just need to be individuals that want to be a positive influence and who are committed to developing and celebrating our youth.

As a coach, you and your co-coaches will lead your team through fun and interactive lessons, safely in person or virtually.

Our staff will provide you with training, curriculum, and everything you need to make a real difference in the lives of girls in Snohomish County. Coaches can choose between in-person/fluid and virtual team options. Teams meet 2x/week from April 19th - June 12th at locations throughout Snohomish County. Our volunteers will determine where and how many teams we can offer this spring!

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Volunteer coaches must be 18 years old and pass an online background check. 
    Commit to 32-35 hours total. 2 afternoons/week for 90 minutes, either M/W or T/Th schedule.
  • Complete training by the beginning of season (coach applications are open now. Training is online and on-demand, so coaches can take their time for the next month or do it all at once, whatever works for you)
  • Spring 2021 season will begin April 19 and end June 12.
  • Pre-season training, 2x/week meetings with the team, 90 minutes each
  • Coaches can be male or female
  • Have fun!

Other Information:

  • Girls on the Run of Snohomish County provides all necessary training, including CPR/First Aid.
  • Includes a 2-part webinar on Equity and Inclusion, provided through a partnership with the Community Foundation of Snohomish County.
  • Location - Volunteers can pick their site from various locations throughout Snohomish County
  • No preparation required. Volunteers are trained, prepared, and supported by Girls on the Run staff before they meet with teams and throughout the 8-week season.
  • Service hours will be tracked for this project

Note on COVID19:

Girls on the Run will provide training and materials to keep coaches and girls safe while at practice. All local guidelines will be followed strictly and staff will be in frequent communication with coaches to ensure all rules are being followed.

Frequently Asked Questions


Primary contact name: Leah Bernstein, Program Director

Contact phone: 206-437-5607

Contact email: leah.bernstein@girlsontherun

Website link:

Virtual Service Project: The Pandemic Timeslogo

Time: Scheduled with Edmonds Historical Museum (EHM) for 4-week minimum commitment
Location: Virtual setting via Zoom. Scheduled with Edmonds Historical Museum (EHM)
Service Hours: 10 hours per episode completed
Contacts: To begin project contact Simone Tanke You will then be assigned to a direct contact with the Project Manager 
Project Registration: Registration and orientation is required before the first episode is filmed. Please review the attached link in its entirety, for the commitment obligations of this project. The Pandemic Times: Project Presentation and Overview 

Project Description:

Edmonds College students have been requested by Edmonds Historical Museum to participate in a filmed documentary series! This project is a 4-week minimum commitment. This docu-series is filmed by episode, and students will gain 10 service-learning hours per episode! Students will be assigned an integral role as an actor, producer, social media and community marketing, or interviewer! This is decided between the student and EHM director. A brief overview is as follows:

Although everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Initial focus will be on an intergenerational partnership that matches seniors ages 65-plus with high school- or college-age students. Each senior will be randomly matched to two students. One student will serve as the Producer in charge of episode planning, video, audio and editing and the other student and senior will be Cast Members who share their experiences of living through a worldwide pandemic Those who want to participate will be asked to video record their story via a phone, tablet or similar electronic device. Each episode recorded between now and December 31, 2020 will be included in CoronaCoaster Season 1, aptly named ‘The Pandemic Times’!

Spreading Awareness on Consent and Bystander Intervention

Project Description: Students are invited to create an artistic project in order to support remote outreach efforts of the Violence Prevention program. They may create digital art, a PSA, write a story/poem(s), create videos, or paint something and upload it, etc. 

Service Purpose/Project Goal: Students will become aware of the issues of consent and bystander intervention and become empowered by educating others via their service. They will learn about communication and collaboration to achieve social change while assisting the Violence Prevention program in their messaging. 

Project Date: Ongoing 

Service-Learning Hours: 5 hours 

Contact: Please contact Lisa Roche for further project instructions and questions at

Service Learning: Create face masks for frontline COVID-19 organizations!

Many organizations like hospitals, food banks, shelters, and other essential services are asking for the public’s help donating sewn and non-sewn face masks. The CDC recommends that the general public wear cloth masks when in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Help slow the spread of Covid-19 by creating face masks, and earn service learning credit for doing so! Two completed sewn/non-sewn face masks is equivalent to one hour of service learning time.

CDC Website on DIY Face Masks coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent- getting-sick/diy-cloth-face- coverings.html

Tutorials for masks can be found on Youtube and elsewhere online, please make sure that your masks comply with CDC standards.

Mask Making Opportunities:
 Lots of organizations besides those listed above are taking mask donations, feel free to help any organization that needs it!

Please follow site specific instructions when preparing your donation. Different organizations have different requirements for masks, and how to deliver donations, among other things. Take a picture of yourself with the masks you’ve made (not wearing them), and fill out this form when finished!

VolunteerMatch Virtual Volunteer Hub

Volunteer match logo

We invite you to visit theVolunteerMatch resource hub and explore the growing network of #COVID-19 and virtual volunteering opportunities for practical actions you can take today to support your community.


Idealist and VolunteerMatch virtual opportunities

VolunteerMatch and Idealist are two great websites for finding virtual service learning opportunities. Below is a recommended list of virtual opportunities (local and abroad) you may use to complete service learning requirements for classes. Once you’re in contact with a sponsoring organization please email Stewart Sinning at to receive service learning credit for your work.
Prayer Shawls for Hospice Patients

Forest Fire Prevention Serious Game Simulation

Homeless Prevention Simulation

Farmer Frog

 You can also browse VolunteerMatch or Idealist to find an opportunity that fits you!  

Zooniverse Research Projects

zooniverse logo

Earn service learning hours online by participating in science projects through Zooniverse. Help researchers around the world with tasks you can complete on your computer. Some projects include monitoring wildlife cameras, climate patterns, deciphering botany samples, or identifying marine invertebrates!

To get started visit and create an account. Students may choose from any project to participate in, and can track the classifications you’ve completed from your profile page. In order to receive service learning credit you must complete our Zooniverse Project Reflection form which includes uploading a screenshot of your profile page and completed classification number. Approximately fifty classifications equals one hour of service learning credit.

Suggested Projects

  • Cedar Creek: Eyes on the Wild: Help researchers untangle the complex and surprising interactions among North American fauna!
  • Manatee Chat: Identify Manatee calls from audio clips
  • Penguin Watch: Count penguins via wildlife cameras
  • Chimp & See: Study videos to identify chimpanzee species and to help understand the lives of these apes.
  • Invader ID: Identify marine invertebrates to help track coastal changes over time
  • Iberian Camera Trap Project: Identify different species in order to help develop a tool that protects the biodiversity of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Nest Quest Go: Red-winged Blackbirds: Transcribe historical nest records while exploring the life-history of these fiery-winged blackbirds!
  • FrogSong: Help researchers understand frog calling behaviour and develop automated recognisers by labelling calls.
  • The Arctic Bears Project: Work with scientists to understand how polar, grizzly, and black bears behave in a changing environment.
  • Fossil Atmospheres: Count cells in modern and fossilized leaves to track climate change through history
  • Aurora Zoo: Observe and identify patterns in the Aurora Borealis
  • Star Notes: Help transcribe the groundbreaking work of early women astronomers!
  • Dark Energy Explorers: Identify distant galaxies to help measure dark energy when the universe was just ~2-3 billion years old.
  • Building Detective For Disaster Preparedness: Help to create annotations on street view and satellite images of building, which are needed to train a deep learning system to identify and classify building attributes.
  • World Architecture Unlocked: Transcribe information from photographs of buildings and monuments from across the world and throughout the ages


 catchafire logoGo to the Catchafire website. Catchafire is a skills based volunteer matching organization that matches professionally-skilled volunteers with nonprofits and social enterprises.

Filter through volunteer opportunities based on cause area, skillset, and time commitment to find the best option for you. Choose to volunteer in ways ranging from a 1-hour phone call, to a 3-month pre-scoped project.

  1. Create a Catchafire profile and apply for volunteer opportunities through a 2-question application.
  2. If the project requires an interview, they’ll reach out to schedule a two-way conversation between you and the organization.
  3. If you and the organization both decide it's a good fit, you'll be matched and can begin working together!

More Virtual Service Learning!

Check out the following programs if you’re looking for virtual volunteer opportunities you can put towards service learning requirements. Once registered for a program send a screenshot with confirmation to in order to receive service learning credit.

UN online volunteering
"The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide. Online volunteering allows organizations and volunteers to team up to address sustainable development challenges – anywhere in the world, from any device. Online volunteering is fast, easy – and most of all, effective. When skilled, passionate individuals join forces online with great organizations working toward sustainable development." goals, everyone wins.

Amnesty International Decoders
"Amnesty Decoders is an innovative platform for volunteers around the world to use their computers or phones to help our researchers sift through pictures, information and documents."

Volunteer as a Citizen Scholar with Smithsonian Transcription Center
"Volunteer virtually with the Smithsonian Transcript Center or the Smithsonian Wikipedia Volunteer. Become a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer and help us make historical documents and biodiversity data more accessible. Join 18,006 "volunpeers" to add more to the total 534,922 pages of field notes, diaries, ledgers, logbooks, currency proof sheets, photo albums, manuscripts, biodiversity specimens’ labels that have been collaboratively transcribed and reviewed since June 2013."

More opportunities updated regularly. Check back soon!


Please contact Stewart Sinning at 425.640.1882 or or visit our contact page.