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Triton ID and Student Accounts

Access Your Student Accounts

NOTE: This page receives frequent updates. Please check back often.

Edmonds College provides ctcLink ID, Triton ID, Triton Email, Canvas, and various On-Campus Resources for students to easily navigate and manage their college interactions.

Set up your Accounts

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Activate your ctcLink account
  2. Activate your Triton ID
  3. Log in to your Triton Email account
  4. Log in to Canvas

You’re all set!

ctcLink ID (Register for Classes, Pay for Tuition, and More)Expand ContentCollapse Content

ctcLink is a centralized online system where you can manage your college business. Go to the ctcLink Login page and click First Time User to activate your account.


The ctcLink ID will be used to access student records and Canvas. The Student Self-Service portal will allow you to:

  • Register for classes
  • View and update your student information and manage personal contact information
  • Pay tuition and fees and access/apply for financial aid
  • View your grades, track academic goals, and apply for gradution
  • Contact your instructors or advisor
  • So much more!

Where is my ctcLink ID?

Note: Read below for infomation on how to obtain your ctcLink ID number. If you still cannot locate your ctcLink ID, please contact Enrollment Services for assistance.

New Students (Registered Spring Quarter 2021 and beyond): Your ctcLink ID number will be included in your admissions email.

Returning Students (Registered between January 2015 - Winter Quarter 2021): Prepare your old SID. This will be used to obtain your ctcLink ID when you activate your account.

You may also use the Student ctcLink ID Lookup Tool which requires your old SID and PIN.

Former Students (Registered anytime before 2015): You will need to reapply to Edmonds College to obtain your new ctcLink ID.

ctcLink Information for Students


Login to ctcLink

ctcLink FAQ

Note: You may activate your Triton ID up to 24 hours after you register for at least 1 credit

Beginning Spring Quarter 2021, all Edmonds College students will have a ctcLink ID and a Triton ID. The Triton ID and password enables access to Google Suite Applications, campus wireless services, computer labs, and other college technology.

How to Activate your Triton ID

New Students: Begin with Step 1
Returning Students: Begin with Step 2

  1. Refer to your Welcome email from Enrollment Services for your ctcLink ID and preferred email address.
    • Go to the ctcLink Login page and click First Time User to activate your account
  2. Go to the Triton ID Lookup Tool and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain your Triton ID and new email address
  3. Go to and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Triton ID
  4. Go to to access your new email address (Gmail)

Triton ID FAQ

Once you have set up your Triton ID, you may access your new Triton Email account. Proceed to or and sign in with your new email address:

Email Address =

Example: or

Your Triton Email account password is your Triton ID password.

Login to Gmail

EdMail User? Old EdMail accounts will be retired by August 31, 2021. For more information on what to do next, visit our Triton Email page.

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at Edmonds College for online, hybrid, and web enhanced classes. Canvas is used for assignments, checking grades, student collaboration, and more.

How to Log into Canvas:

Username: Your 9-digit ctcLink ID number (ex. 201xxxxxx)

Password: Your ctcLink account password

Canvas Information Page

Login to Canvas

Canvas FAQ

Edmonds College offers various Campus Technology Resources to registered students.

These resources are accessed with your Triton Account:


Connect your laptop or mobile device to the campus wireless network.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Student Chromebook

Learn how to log in to a Edmonds College Chromebook

Login to a Chromebook

Computer Labs

Utilize campus PCs to access various software/programs available for students.

Access Campus Computers

Library Database

Access information and database resources from the campus library.

Student Library Login

Amazon AppStream

Remote access to software including Adobe CC, MS Office, Autocad and more.

Virtual Computer Lab