Study Abroad

How to Apply



Specific Requirements:

  • GPA over 2.5 (including high school grades)
  • 17 years of age or older
  • Completion of 12 credits at Edmonds College by the time of Study Abroad departure
  • If you want to go on a program, but don't meet these requirements, please send us an email or make an appointment to talk with us! 

1. Set up a Meeting with the Study Abroad Office

  • Plan ahead — programs fill up quickly!
  • Think 2-3 quarters in advance and talk to us about what program best fits your needs.
  • Set up an appointment online or email
  • If appointment times online do not work for your schedule, give us a call at 425.640.1618 or come by our offices in Snohomish Hall, Room 301

2. Look at Funding, Meet with Your Academic Advisor and the Financial Aid Office

  • Review our Resources page and apply to any scholarships you are eligible for.
  • Find out how the classes offered on your program apply towards your degree by meeting with your academic adviser. Provide them with the course information for the program you are interested in. Course descriptions and syllabi are helpful if it is not a course with the same title as offered by Edmonds College.
  • If you have a FAFSA on file and use finanical aid, meet with a financial aid adviser. Provide them with the program tuition, program fee, and out of pocket cost information to see how your aid could apply. 

3. Turn in Your Application Documents

Fill out the application form under the Application section of the program you are applying to. Please email the following documents to

  • An application packet
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A one page essay
  • Your unofficial transcript with your most recent quarter

Our office will review your documents and let you know if you have been accepted to the program and how to proceed. Please note that students that have been sanctioned by the college are disqualified from applying to or participating in an Edmonds College study abroad program.

If you'd like to discuss the study abroad programs before applying, please make an appointment to speak with a study abroad advisor. 


4. After You are Accepted

Steps for after your acceptance will depend on which program you are going on. However, these steps will be the same no matter what. 

  • Complete the Post-Acceptance Packet in order to secure your spot on the program and confirm your enrollment. Your program will not accept these materials unless you have gone through the application process and been accepted by the Edmonds College Study Abroad Adviser. 
  • Register for the courses in your program, which will be in the Edmonds College course catalog like taking a course on campus. 
  • Apply for a passport in advance of your travel, if you do not have one. This process can take up to 9 months, and cost around $175 for a US Passport review the US State Dept. Steps here
  • After your program confirms enrollment and is guarunteed to run, you will receive instructions to book your flights (unless there is a group flight you have applied for, or flights are included in your program fee). You can find many discounted student deals on Student Universe Flights. We highly recommend booking your flight to be fully refundable. 
  • There will be at least one required pre-departure orientation organized by the program provider. This will help get you prepared for health and safety, what to pack, cultural information for your destination, possible itineraries, travel logistics, to meet your fellow travellers, and other useful information. 
  • You will be enrolled in international travel medical insurance by the Edmonds College Lewermark plan, or a plan through the program partner. 
  • Remember, your Edmonds College Study Abroad Adviser is here for you when you have any questions throughout this process, and you can make an appointment anytime to meet!