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shanghai, china | summer 2020 suspended until further notice


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As the “Pearl of the East,” Shanghai is the largest city in China and also its most cosmopolitan. . With emerging technology firms, Shanghai is developing its new identify as the epicenter of innovation, finance, and international trade. Despite its appetite for growth and modernization, Shanghai refuses to relinquish its past, demonstrated by innumerable historical remains, some of which date back to thousands of years ago.


Your study abroad in Shanghai will reflect the unique characteristics of the city — a perfect blending of the past and present, modern and traditional, western and oriental. You have the opportunity to visit ancient temples, historical museums, water towns, and dynastic gardens alongside the opportunity to experience cutting edge technological innovations firsthand. In this dynamic metropolitan setting, you will have the opportunity to learn the Chinese language and explore their ancient and yet ever-changing culture.

To apply, please fill out and submit this application to the Study Abroad office at Snohomish Hall 301. You will also need to turn in the following documents:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A one page essay
  • Your unofficial Edmonds College transcript 

Our office will review your documents and let you know if you have been accepted to the program and how to proceed. Please note that students that have been sanctioned by the college are disqualified from applying to, or participating in an Edmonds College study abroad program.

Set up an appointment with us here if you have any questions!

 You will take 5 credits of Chinese Language and Culture (Humanities 155). 


We know the extent of the Holocaust in Europe, but very few are aware that many Jews found asylum in Shanghai. As one of the main battlefronts against Japan during WWII, Shanghai captured many of the painful memories preserved in this museum.


Since its initial building date of 328 AD, this temple has witnessed the rise and demise of many dynasties. Each year, it welcomes thousands of visitors, many of whom come a long way to pay tribute and pray for prosperity. You will have an opportunity to experience the Buddhist rituals and gain a deeper understanding of the influence of Buddhism on the Chinese culture.


With the revitalization of the tea culture, tea houses are starting to erect in Shanghai. In this program, you will study with a tea master on tea etiquette including making tea, serving tea and drinking tea. Through this ceremony and other activities, participants gain in-depth knowledge of respect and humility that are at the very core of the Chinese culture.


As a staple in Shanghai, this museum welcomed many world leaders since its inauguration in 2001. George W Bush and Barack Obama both visited the museum during their presidency. The museum also proudly served as the venue for APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Council) in 2001.  Featuring nature, humankind and technology, the exhibits focus on the human evolution and development of technology. It has a special section on Chinese traditional technology, including printing, canvas, papermaking and fireworks, all of which have transformed history. 

 For the first two weeks, you will live on the university campus. For the remaining weeks, you will stay in a 3-star hotel with two twin beds. 

The fee per person will be $2,999 per person (excludes tuition and airfare)

This Includes:

  • Accomodation
  • Chinese traditional cultural activities:
    • Tea ceremony
    • Seal making (stamp to mark documents as official)
    • Calligraphy
  • Guided excursions to Zhujiajiao (watertown) and Huangshan (famous mountain retreat)
  • “Enduring Memories of the West Lake” show - a performance on water
  • Museum admissions
  • Orientation and farewell parties
  • Chinese student escorts for the first two weeks
  • Meals in the university cafeteria and local restaurants
  • Comprehensive medical and liability insurances

Does Not Include: 

  • Tuition
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Visa expenses
  • Other personal expenses 

Program Dates: August 24 - September 16, 2020

Deadline: April 20th, 2020

To find out more, make an appointment with your study abroad advisor!

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