MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY | fall quarter

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This program focuses on Spanish Language, Latin American studies, gender and business. Explore the rich culture and contributions of the area known as the Rio de la Plata, which is the river and estuary that forms a border between Argentina and Uruguay.

Courses such as Rio de la Plata - People and Culture Rio de la Plata: Latin American Social Revolutions, Cinema of Uruguay and Argentina, Latin American Cuisine, and Dances of Latin America will introduce you to these two "brother nations" and their political, economic, and lifestyle similarities and differences. The Spanish language courses allow you to complete up to one year of Spanish language coursework in one semester, or in the eight-week summer sessions. Well-known in Latin America as a progressive society, Uruguay is the right place to study gender and activism. You can take interesting and hands-on courses in business, viticulture, and health management.



The program is based in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay and a port city with a massive coastal promenade where locals enjoy strolling, exercising, and socializing. Known for its vibrant, laid-back lifestyle, the host city also offers a robust music, theater, and arts scene where many performances are held at Teatro Solis, Montevideo's renowned theatre built in 1856 or at the public festivals held at parks, plazas or La Rambla. USAC chose to locate the program in Uruguay due to its safety, political, financial, and economic stability.


Fall: Late August to Mid December

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  • Are at least 18 years old at the time of application.
  • Are enrolled in a degree-seeking program while they are abroad.
  • Have a preferred grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Are in good academic, disciplinary, and community standing.

When you apply for a USAC Program, a coordinator for the program from USAC will reach out to the Edmonds College for approval. Our office will require an advising appointment if you have not had one yet. 

Please note that students that have been sanctioned by the college are disqualified from applying to, or participating in, an Edmonds College study abroad program. 



Fall: Application Here (Due May 15)

NOTE: Edmonds College will NOT be able to approve any other USAC programs that are not the above terms due to incompatability with our quarter schedules. 

Courses will vary depending on the term. Find the page for all course information here


Topic Focus: 

  • Spanish Language
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Latin American Studies
  • Gender Studies

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  • Courses with USAC and Universidad ORT
  • Field trips to places like Piriapolis, Punta del Este, Sierra de Minas, and a Graffiti Tour
  • Class field trips to places like Museums (Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales
    Museo del Futbol), Guided visits to iconic places in the city, local festivals, visiting local businesses, and volunteering 
  • Weekly activities at USAC Center like a cinema day, indoor soccer, beach volleyball, and other social events
  • Cultural immersion opportunities like a buddy program with a local university student, assisting professors with workshops, and participating on university sports teams
  • For an additional fee: Tours and Field Studies to places like Punta de Diabla, Buenos Aires, Colonia, and Iguacu Falls



You will work with your Program Advisor to select the housing that's the best fit for you. The following USAC-arranged options are available for this program:

Staying with a host family is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the culture and language. Your family will welcome you into their home and provide you with breakfast and dinner daily. The families are located within a 20 to 30-minute commute to the university and are located along different traditional neighborhoods of Montevideo that have plenty of cafeterías, parks and plazas. Host families will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. We recommend this option if your priority is to learn the language as quickly as possible.

Residence Hall
The residence hall is only ten minutes away from the university by bus. It is a private residence hall with good security and very nice apartments. Apartments will be shared with other USAC students and local students will be also living in the residence.


PROGRAM FEES: For 2022 Below



This Includes:

  • Tuition and fees
  • USAC prearranged housing placement service
  • Personalized pre-departure advising
  • Visa guidance
  • Parental support and advisement
  • Airport pick up/drop off from select airports (subject to availability)
  • Mandatory on-site orientation
  • On-site USAC office and staff
  • Scholarship advising and assistance
  • Transcript assistance
  • Student health insurance
  • 24-hour local emergency staff support
  • Program-organized field tirps
  • Local travel resources, tips, and suggestions


Does Not Include:

  • Individual flight if you do not apply to the group flight, or it is not avaialble
  • Personal expenses (souveniers, etc.)
  • Textbooks and class supplies
  • Student Visa
  • Passport, if applicable
  • Local transportation, transportation to and from program site (metro pass, etc)
  • Required travel insurance


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