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Student Emergency Assistance Grant


Energency iconsAre you at risk of dropping out due to
unexpected financial emergencies?

Stay on track to graduate with a little help from a Student Emergency Assistance Grant.

Student grants that do not need to be paid back

Sometimes we have unforeseen circumstances that greatly impact our lives even as little as $25. This fund allows you to meet the need and continue your education.

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Eligibility Requirements

Are you an enrolled student at Edmonds College?

Is there a sudden, urgent or unexpected need?

Does it impact your ability to complete this quarter?

Grant awards are reported to Financial Aid and  may affect need when calculating eligibility and the amount of the award.

Criteria for approval

A financial hardship resulting from an emergency, accident or other unexpected critical incident that has a direct impact on your academic success at Edmonds College.

Resources must have been considered and are insufficient, unavailable or not available in a timely manner. Applicants must submit a completed application.