Academic Computer Services

Community Users

Updated 6/16/21 Notice: Currently this service is not available

Members of the community not enrolled in classes may use a student computer by purchasing a Computer Lab Use Voucher (CLUV ) for $50 per quarter. Former students who are not currently enrolled in classes may also use a student computer by purchasing the Computer Lab Use Voucher (CLUV).

To purchase a Computer Lab Use Voucher:

  • Pay for the CLUV at the Edmonds College cashier's office on the first floor of Lynnwood Hall, where you will get two receipts. 
  • Take the two receipts to Alderwood Hall, first floor, to the Lab Assistants desk in the hallway. Tell the lab assistant you want a Community Lab Use account created. Be prepared to show a picture ID. The lab assistant will take and keep one of your receipts.
  • While most accounts can be created on request, please be prepared for the process to create your account to take one business day.

Voucher Information

  • CLUV costs $50 per quarter.
  • The cost of the computer lab use voucher is not prorated. To get the most value out of your voucher, we recommend purchasing the voucher as close to the beginning of the quarter as possible.
  • The Community Lab User account automatically expires the last day of finals of the quarter in which it is purchased.

Computer Use Locations

  • Once created, your account will provide access to the student-use computers in the open labs (labs not reserved for a class ) on the first floor of Alderwood Hall and the Learning Commons in the Library on the third floor of Lynnwood Hall.
  • Your account will also provide access to the student wireless network.


  • To print when using an account created or re-activated through a CLUV, you will need to add funds to a Community Card or EdPass. For more information, please see ACS Printing web page.
  • Please note: The quarterly free pages available on the EdPass are only available to currently enrolled students. Those using a CLUV will not have the free pages even if they have an EdPass.