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Printing: Tips to Print Less

Did you know? Edmonds College students print an average of 84 pages each per quarter on campus computer labs.

Use these tips to get more words on the page, print fewer pages, and save yourself a nickel or two:

Cut Costly White Space

Use a smaller font style or size to get more words on each page.

Adjust your margins. If the document won’t be turned in as an assignment, consider smaller margins. Word documents can be printed with a minimum .25 margins.

Reduce the line spacing – get more lines of text per page.

Always print preview. Click Office Button or File on the upper left hand to preview before printing. Be sure to unselect any blank pages!

Get Wise to Printing From the Web

Copy and paste. Instead of printing a Web page, copy the text you need into a Word document where you can delete blank spaces or pages and change the font. Use Paste Special and select Unformatted Text to reformat pages.

Choose the printer friendly option when printing off the Web.

Know Your Print Options

Print multiple PowerPoint slides on a page or print the outline view. From the Office menu, choose Print. In the Print dialog box that appears select Handouts, then choose the number of slides per page.

Print multiple pages per page. Did you know you can put up to 16 pages of a document onto one printed page? Here’s how:

  1. From the File menu, select Print. Then, in the Print dialog box,
  2. Click Properties in the upper-right corner. In the new dialog box,
  3. Click the Layout (or Finishing) tab.
  4. In the lower-left corner, Pages Per Sheet drop-down box, select the number of pages per sheet you want to print. Click OK to close this dialog box.
  5. Click OK again, to print your document.

Go Paperless Whenever Possible

Email files to yourself. Read them from the screen or print them at home.

Download documents to a disk or use a flash drive.

Edit information on screen. Don’t print drafts.

Print only what you absolutely need.