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Triton Email

Triton Email Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: September 21, 2021

What is my Triton Email address?Expand ContentCollapse Content

Your student email address (called Triton Email) will consist of your:

  • Triton ID
  • Followed by


Triton ID: e.triton1234
Triton Email address:

Don't know your Triton ID? Use the Triton ID Lookup Tool.

Your Triton Email password is the same password used to manage your Triton ID. If you're experiencing password issues, go to the Triton Access page and select 'Need help signing in?'

Yes. Triton Email recognizes passwords based on upper and lower case settings.
Example: If your password was set to secret123 and you entered it as SECRET123, Triton Email would not accept it. You would need to type the password as secret123 in order to log in.

Edmonds College is a Google campus and we utilize the Google Suite for our applications. For this reason, your Triton Email account is accessed through Gmail.

If you currently have a Triton ID account and you are unable to resolve issues logging in, proceed to the Triton Access page and select 'Need help signing in?' This will give you account recovery options including resetting your password and/or unlocking your account.

If you have already tried this and still need help, please contact an agent by submitting a ticket.

With your Triton Email account, you may contact your colleagues, instructors and Edmonds College staff. You may also use it to log into a college-provided Chromebook as well as access various applications including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and more via the Virtual Computer Lab (Appstream).

Yes! You may keep your personal Gmail account while using an Triton Email account. With that said, your preferred email address in your ctcLink account serves as the main avenue for communications from Edmonds College. This preferred email address is where you will receive important college business such as communicating with your instructors, financial aid, enrollment services, student government and emergency communications.

All students are accountable for the information sent out via email. You have the choice to set your personal email address as your preferred contact, or you may set your Triton Email address as your preferred contact. For information on how to set your preferred email address in ctcLink, visit our ctcLink Information for Students page.

Students registered for/after Spring Quarter 2021 will NOT receive a new EdMail account and may not request one. All newly registered students will now manage their new Triton Email using their Triton ID. Exising EdMail accounts will be discontinued on August 31, 2021.

No. The login process for Triton Email is separate from your Canvas login as they are different accounts.

Canvas Login

Username: Your 9-digit ctcLink ID number (ex. 201xxxxxx)

Password: Your ctcLink account password

Triton Email Login


Password: Your Triton ID password

Note: You must set a new password for your Triton ID before logging in to your Triton Email account for the first time.

Fully supported browsers (Google recommends using these to get all of Triton Email/Gmail's newest features):

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge

For more information, go to Google Support.

You will be able to access your Triton Email account for a limited time after you graduate from Edmonds College. We strongly advise saving and backing up your files, school work, and information you wish to keep. You may save this information to other services inluding a personal Google account, Dropbox, iCloud and more.

No, this email address is automatically generated and assigned to each student. If your name was incorrectly spelled, you will first need to contact Enrollment Services to verify your name in the system. If it needs to be updated, please submit a ticket to request a Triton Email address name update.

If your name has changed and you would like to update your Triton Email address, you will first need to contact Enrollment Services to change your name in the system. After this change has been made, you may submit a service request to our IT department to update your Triton Email address.

Triton Email accounts will be active for a limited amount of time, so no action is required on your end. To request for your Triton Email account to be immediately deactivated, please submit a service request to our IT department and our agents will assist you as soon as possible.

To request for your Triton Email account to be updated to the new format, please submit a service request to our IT department.