Ask an Advisor/FAQs

Ask an Advisor

For general advising questions, fill out the form below. An advisor will get back to you as soon as possible however, we ask that you allow for a 48 hour turn around.


When should I see an advisor?

All new students may meet with an advisor to select classes for their first quarter. This is done during New Student Advising.  If you return to Edmonds College after some time away, an advisor can help you figure out how to finish your degree.

What do I need to bring with me to an advising appointment?

Every time you meet with an advisor you should bring your program planning sheet, a copy of your unofficial transcript from Edmonds College and any other colleges attended, a list of tentative courses you plan to take next quarter, and additional information or questions you believe are relevant.

Where do I get a copy of the program requirement sheet for my degree or certificate?

Find them online in our college catalog Download them online

How do I transfer my credits from my former college/university?

Obtain official copies of your transcripts from all previous colleges and submit them to Enrollment Services. You will also need to complete the 'Evaluation Request for Transfer Credits' (ERTC) form, available through our GATE system: . Evaluations will not be processed until you have been admitted to the college and all materials have been received. Your evaluation results will be sent to your EdMail account, or the email account we have on file.

When and how do I apply for graduation?

You must submit your application only in the quarter in which you are graduating (completing your degree or certificate). If you are completing your degree or certificate summer quarter, you can apply for graduation during spring quarter if you wish to participate in the commencement ceremony held in June. More information about this process can be found here: Graduation/Credentials Process

How long will it take to complete my Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree?

Typically, you can complete your AA degree in six quarters if you attend Edmonds College as a full-time student and take 15 credits per quarter that apply to the degree. The AS degree may take longer due to the required science and math course sequences. Ultimately, the total time to complete a degree will depend on a number of factors, which may include the need to take pre-college level math and English courses.

What is the common course numbering system?

Commonly shared courses among Washington community and technical colleges now have the same course number and title. This changed many course numbers and titles and mostly impacts students returning to Edmonds College after some time away. The change did not affect course transferability or courses already on your transcript. If you took classes at Edmonds College before summer 2009, you will want to know the new course numbers to make sure you take the correct classes. An advisor can also help you with this. Please make an advising appointment. We've also provided a course change list so you can look up any classes that may have changed. You can tell which classes have new common course numbers because they use the ampersand "&" symbol.

Where can I find more information about transferring to a four-year university?

Check out Edmonds' College Transfer Resources Web site. Here, you can link to Washington universities, find out when university representatives will be on campus and discover when transfer workshops will be offered at Edmonds. You can also make an appointment with an advisor to discover more about prerequisites for your intended major, the transfer Associates degrees and the application process for universities in Washington State. Make sure that you meet with an advisor so that your class schedules for current and upcoming quarters meet admission requirements for universities and your intended major. College Transfer Resources