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Using Your EdPass as a Flex Account

How to use your EdPass as a FLEX Account:

To begin, you will need to deposit money in your EdPass FLEX account. Associate EdPass card holders that would like this feature must first come see the EdPass Office to have this set up, all other EdPass cards automatically have this account available to them. The Cashier's Office in Lynnwood Hall accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, approved checks and cash for EdPass FLEX Account deposits. There are also 5 deposit stations around campus that accepts cash deposits onto your EdPass.

Where your EdPass FLEX Account can be used:

Once you have deposited money in your EdPass Account, you can then use your EdPass to pay for goods, services and fees on campus. EdPass Flex Accounts are accepted at:

  • The Cashier's Office for payment of tuition and fees,
  • The Campus Bookstore for payment of merchandise,
  • The Brier Grill,
  • College Café,
  • Computer labs located throughout campus,
  • Copy machines in the Library, located on the third floor of Lynnwood Hall,
  • Most vending machines around campus fitted with EdPass card readers,
  • Triton 1 and Triton 2 espresso bars.