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Getting Your EdPass


EdPass Office located in Lynnwood Hall, 2nd floor, room 214.


New student EdPass ID cards can only be made starting one week before the start of the new quarter and two business days after registering for classes. EdPass/ORCA cards can only be made two business days after registering for the classes and Bus Pass class and paying your registration fees and tuition.

What to Bring:

Know your student ID number; it is the only way we can find you in our system. Bring a valid form of Photo ID. If you wish to ride the bus to college, you will need to get an EdPass/ORCA card. Register for ORCC900 along with your other classes, pay for your classes either online or at the Cashier's Office in Lynnwood Hall, and then come to the EdPass Office to get your EdPass/ORCA card.

To save time you can print the following form, fill out the top lines and bring it with your Photo ID with you to the EdPass Office. If you will be getting the EdPass/ORCA please bring your class schedule as described above.

What happens next:

Staff in the EdPass Office will verify your Photo ID and enrollment or employment status, take your picture (no hats, caps, hoods, scarves, headbands, headphones, wireless devices or sunglasses please unless worn daily for religious dogma or medically related) and print your card. Getting your first EdPass made takes about five minutes.

Re-Activating Your EdPass Card:

The EdPass card remains active as long as you are a registered student at Edmonds C.C. If you stop classes at Edmonds C.C. we recommend that you place the card in a safe place, if you return to take classes again your card will still be active and there is a $30 replacement fee if the card is lost 2 years after it was issued.

Re-Activating Your EdPass/ORCA Account:

If you already have your EdPass/ORCA card, you can update your ORCA account by registering for ORCC900, the ORCA card and bus pass activation/renewal class, along with your other classes. Pay for your classes either online or at the Cashier's Office in Lynnwood Hall and your EdPass/ORCA card will be reactivated for the beginning of next quarter.

If you allow your ORCA account to expire, it may take up to three business days after renewal to have your card reactivated on all buses.

For route information, go to Community Transit.