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Grammar Corner

Ask questions about grammar to experts and receive personalized grammar instruction for free

Hours: 2-4 p.m., Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.

You can meet with a Grammar Corner instructor using video chat or request a written response to your grammar-related questions. Grammar Corner is free for you to use and focuses on helping you get questions answered about English grammar. If you want to learn more about how English grammar works and to learn editing strategies for spotting and correcting grammar errors, this is the right service for you. We’re proud to be offering this support service in partnership with the AENGL department.

What You Need To Know About Grammar Corner

  1. You are allowed to have 2 Grammar Corner sessions (live, written response, or a mix of both) per week!
  2. The Grammar Corner instructor will work with you on only 1 paragraph of your writing per session, not a full paper or multi-paragraph assignment.
  3. The kinds of grammar questions and concepts Grammar Corner will help with include learning more about: subject/verb agreement, tenses, word forms, verb forms, how and when to use different prepositions and articles, comma usage and punctuation, sentence structures, and any other grammatical concepts you'd like to learn more about! 
  4. If you want help with a whole paper or with something more than strictly grammar, like whether you're meeting your assignment requirements, organization, thesis, quoting from sources, etc. then you will want to use eTutoring instead for written feedback or live chat with a writing tutor using Ask a Tutor: Live

First Day of Grammar Quarter for Fall Quarter: Mon., Sept. 27.

Grammar Corner will re-open for your questions on Monday, Sept. 27. Grammar Corner will function entirely online for Fall Quarter 2021, and you will continue to have the option to drop-in to the Zoom during open Grammar Corner hours, or to submit a form to request written feedback on your grammar-related questions during the days of the week Grammar Corner is open.

If you want to drop in to a live, Zoom video chat Grammar Corner session, click the button below during Grammar Corner's open hours. Don't have Zoom? No problem! You don't need an account to join these sessions.

Hours: 2-4 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

If you want to receive written Grammar Corner feedback on a paragraph of your writing instead of doing a live chat, you can submit it using the following forms. Please use the form that matches the day you would like to receive the feedback. You will receive your feedback sent to your email sometime during Grammar Corner's open hours (see above) on the day of the week you have requested. 

Fill out this form if you want to receive written comments on a MONDAY.

Fill out this form if you want to receive written comments on a TUESDAY.

Fill out this form if you want to receive written comments on a THURSDAY.

Fill out this form if you want to receive written comments on a FRIDAY.

Read below to see the answers to some questions about how Grammar Corner works online

What makes Grammar Corner unique?

One of the most special things about Grammar Corner is that you are working with instructors and grammar experts, not student tutors—for free! This is still true of online Grammar Corner. It is also the only place on campus (or online, this quarter) where instructor-tutors will focus only on your grammar—they will not look at your thesis or the organization of your paper.

Will the instructor help me with an entire paper?

With online Grammar Corner, you have two options: you can drop in to talk to an instructor and do a live video chat, or you can request a written response to your grammar questions on a particular day of the week. But just like in on-campus Grammar Corner, the instructors will not help with an entire paper—they will only look at one paragraph of your work to talk about the patterns of grammar errors you are making and how to recognize and correct them. When you upload your writing, please indicate the ONE paragraph you want help with if there are multiple paragraphs of text in the document.

It can be helpful to upload a paragraph that one of your teachers has already marked or commented on with some errors pointed out, so that the Grammar Corner instructor can help you understand your teacher's comments and the errors they pointed out, but this is not required.

Will an instructor edit or proofread for me?

No, your instructor will never edit your paragraph for you. The goal of Grammar Corner is to give you more one-on-one instruction in grammar, so that you have tools and strategies for reading and revising your writing on your own, when an instructor or tutor is not there with you. Even in this new online environment, your instructors will be giving you information about and examples of grammar errors and how to fix them, rather than fixing your errors themselves.

What will we do? How does online-only Grammar Corner work?

Your instructor will focus on giving you explanations for and information about the grammar errors you are making in your writing so that you can learn to recognize and correct the errors that you make the most often.

In the online version of Grammar Corner, you will be either drop-in to a live video chat with your instructor, for a maximum of 20 minutes, or you will submit a form to receive written feedback on your grammar-related questions on a particular day of the week. If you want to drop-in to a live video chat, we will be using Zoom. If you want written feedback in text-only form, that will be sent back to you via email.

Can I use a phone to submit the form to request written feedback?

You can use a phone or a computer. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to be able to upload the document containing the paragraph you want to receive feedback on. The form will accept documents that are Google Docs, Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, and images like JPGs. If you submit using your phone, it may be harder to submit text documents like Google Docs/Microsoft Word/PDFs. 

For best results, depending on the kind of file you are submitting, you will probably want to use your computer. But you can use a phone!

How often can I use Grammar Corner?

Because Grammar Corner has somewhat limited hours, we ask that you only drop-in or request written feedback twice per week, so that instructors have time to help as many students as possible.

Do you have any resources I can use to study grammar on my own time?

Yes! You can find many grammar explanations, chances to practice particular parts of grammar, and links to additional resources on this grammar website that was put together by one of our Grammar Corner instructors, Ted Friedenson. You can also find some handouts on specific grammar concepts both in our in-person Writing Center and online on our Writing Center Handouts page.